Device Enrollment failure on Vibe Board S1 55"

Enrollment failure may happen on a Vibe Board S1 55" after rebooting.  Here are steps to help you handle the issue.

Prerequisite: An external USB keyboard is needed!

  1. Press the Power button on the back panel of your Vibe board to turn it off;

  2. Please wait for a few seconds and make sure the power button turns from white to off;

  3. Plug an external keyboard into Port 1 or 2 of your Vibe board. You can see the keyboard backlight is on when it is connected;

  4. While pressing and holding down the Esc key on the external keyboard, press the power button on the Vibe and wait for it to power on. This will take you to the Setup Utility page (the BIOS settings).

  5. Use the navigation keys from the keyboard to navigate to the Advanced section and select the Trusted Computing option.


  6. In the sub-menu, go to Pending Operation and Press Enter. Press the down arrow key from the keyboard to scroll down to select TPM Clear. Also,  make sure in this step - Platform Hierarchy is staying Enable.


  7. Use the navigation key to select the Exit tab and the Save Changes and Exit item. Then hit Enter to exit with those changes.

  8. While the system is rebooting, hold the Esc key on the external keyboard and enter the BIOS settings again.

  9. Go to the Advanced section and then the Trusted Computing menu.  Disable the Platform Hierarchy.


  10. Select the Exit tab and the Save Changes and Exit item.

  11. Now, try again to enroll your Vibe board. By this time, you should be able to enroll your device successfully.