NEW: Vibe's Active Stylus

We have an experimental Active Stylus which can be used to switch between the pen and eraser features. The Vibe Active Stylus can also be used as a clicker for presentations to turn pages of the Vibe Canvas or to advance PPT sides.

Image from iOS (9)

Cost/ How to Purchase?

Customers in the US that are interested in purchasing an active stylus should email - we can then send you a link to complete your purchase via Shopify.

The active stylus is $50.00 USD with $7.00 shipping fee in the continental US (if you order with your Vibe board, shipping is free).

Note: At this time, we are not able to ship the Active Stylus outside of the US.

Getting Started

Before using the Active Stylus please make sure it is fully charged with the micro USB cable (included). When the Red light is blinking, this indicates the Active Stylus is charging. When a blinking blue light appears, this means the Active Stylus is charged.

To use the Active Stylus, simply plug in the USB dongle into one of the USB ports in the back of your Vibe board.

Please note that only the first two keys closest to the pen tip have been programmed: 

  • First Key: Toggle between last Pen tool and Eraser
  • Second Key Single-click: Advance to the next page
  • Second Key Double-click: Return to the previous page