Annotation on Vibe

The complete guide to annotation on the Vibe board.

75 1 This article applies to the Vibe Board Pro 75″.


With Vibe's Annotation feature, you can annotate on anything - from screencasting to on top of any 3rd party applications.

When using the annotation feature, you are also able to crop the selection, take screenshots, and save these screenshots back to your Vibe whiteboard. 

Customers often use our Screenshot & Annotation features to mark up videos, applications, website pages, presentations, plans, and designs. This feature is also very popular to use when screencasting from other devices.

Two opportunities to use Annotation:

1. When using 3rd party apps

2. When wirelessly screencasting your device to Vibe board

You can see the pen-like annotation button on the status bar in the bottom right corner. Click on the annotation button to start your annotation and a new toolbar on the side will pop up with annotation tools you can use.


When you are done annotating, you can exit from annotation or you can save a screenshot back to your Vibe Canvas (optional). To take a screenshot, simply click on the 'crop' button and use the crop tool to select the size of the screenshot.

You can also decide which board you want to save the screenshot to (this function requires you to log into your account first).

After you save the screenshot, you will exit annotation mode. To start a new annotation, click on the annotation button again. When you are ready to view your screenshots, click on the Canvas app to see all of them.