Which apps are available?

Most Android applications.

Which apps are supported?

Vibe Inc has our own App store with a number of 3rd party Android applications available for you to download onto your device.

Vibe runs the mobile Android versions of these 3rd party applications. Some 3rd party mobile applications may not include identical functionality to the desktop version. There is no special licensing required beyond what you're currently using to access your account.


Please check out our Apps page for the current list of supported 3rd party apps.

Want more apps? Try the Google Play store:

When using Vibe in experimental mode, you can enable the Google Play store on your device. Once this has been setup on your Vibe, you can then download pretty much any Android application that is available in the Google Play store. This includes some of the most popular apps like Google Meet, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, etc.

Please keep in mind that not all Android apps are compatible with Vibe, but most should work well.


To learn more about setting up the Google Play Store, please see this article

For more information on using Google Meet, please see this article.

Want something else?

Vibe's OS is based on Android 7.1, and we may be able to make additional applications available in our App store.

If you have a particular Android application that you'd like us to add to our testing list, please send an email to our support team at support@vibe.us with the name of the application and your contact details.


*This help article was last updated in December 2020.