Which apps are available?

Most Android applications.

What apps are supported?

Vibe Inc has our own App store with a number of 3rd party Android applications available for you to download onto your device.

Please check the currently supported apps on this link:


Want something else?

Vibe's OS is based on Android 7.2, and we may be able to make additional applications available on our platform. If you have a particular android application that you want us to test out for potential use on the Vibe board, please contact our support team at support@vibe.us to talk about compatibility.


Note on Google Apps:

Vibe can support Google Play store, which means you can download all apps in Google Play store onto Vibe, including the most popular apps like Google Meet, Google Calendar, etc.

How to access Google Play Store, please read: 


How to use Google Meet on Vibe:



*This help article was last updated on July 2020.