Vibe SmartCam C1 Setting

Control for the Vibe SmartCam C1 is available beginning in OS version 0.9.4

On a system with firmware version 0.9.4 or higher, you should see the popup once a Vibe camera is plugged in.


If you plug out the camera, you will see below.


You can also find camera control in our settings panel.


How can I choose camera's mode?
Manual mode: You can manually adjust the framing area, drag multiplier bar and move the yellow rectangle, you will handle it in a few moments, just try it.
Auto framing: Camera will find out the way to focus on the best area which can show every people as the same time.
Gallery mode: Every body will have their own portrait window, the camera will focus on everyone separately.


How can I make my voice louder or lighter?
You can modify the microphone volume in the secondary menu of volume,click the button shown in red circle into the secondary menu.


If there is an update for camera system, you will see below notification.