Vibe Chlorine 2.2.0 (11/17/20)

Check out Vibe's brand new features - Shapes to help you diagram and Zoom shortcuts. You requested it, and we built it.

Group-2 New Features

On Vibe Board & Web App

  1. New canvas feature - Shapes 
    With the brand new feature 'Shapes', you can create diagrams and flowcharts with ease. This feature also supports text.

    Group 9662

  2. Zoom Shortcuts
    Now you can easily select your Zoom level for your canvas. On the web app, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to Zoom in or out.

    Group 9668

On Web App

  1. Added Lasso Tool
    With the 'Lasso Tool', you can now select and move drawings or move multiple objects simultaneously on the web app canvas.

    Group 9666
  2. Page Management
    A "View All" section has been added to view all your pages at once, making page management even easier.

    Group 9667

Groupenhance Enhancement

  1. Additional Cloud Drives Support
    From this release, Vibe now supports OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box as options to store your Vibe boards (instead of saving to Vibe cloud).
  2. Integrated Warranty Registration
    You can register your warranty for the Vibe board when you set up the device, or you can find this option under the settings.