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How to add custom email domains on your Vibe board

You can now save your company email domain in Vibe to allow quick sharing of your canvas with your colleagues.

This article applies to the Vibe Smartboard 55″.


Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Settings, scroll down to the "General" section and select Keyboard.
  2. Click on "Add Domain", and a panel will pop up for you to enter your email domain, e.g. "@vibe.us". Click "Done" when you finished entering.
  3. After successfully adding your email domain into the system, you can still edit or delete it by clicking on the "..." icon. You can also add another one by following the same steps.
  4. Next time when you'd like to share your Canvas, you'll be able to enter the email more conveniently by selecting your customized email domain from the keyboard hinted results.

Hope you enjoy sharing your Canvas! :)