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Dual Wi-Fi for Screencasting

If you're having network difficulty screencasting on the Vibe board, this is a simple solution.

For customers  with wireless screencast issues, including:

  • Unable to screencast through the network
  • Wireless screencast is not stable

Dual WI-FI will set up a hotspot for you to screencast wirelessly, which is more stable and smooth. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Purchase recommended dongle from Amazon or elsewhere

    Style Model Chip Advantage Price Notice


    Edimax EW-7822UAC RTL8812AU Better performance $28.49
    (Only one WiFi dongle price)
    The dongle cannot be plugged directly into the Vibe due to length, an additional USB hub is required


    NETGEAR A6100-10000S RTL8811AU Small and can be directly plugged into the Vibe $37.00  


  2. Make sure the system version is above Vibe Sulfur 2.1.0. If the system version is too low, please upgrade the system first.

  3. Plug the dongle into the USB port of the Vibe, USB 2 or 3 both work.

    WechatIMG31                          WechatIMG30

  4. Restart Vibe. Vibe will automatically open the passwordless cast hotspot with the default name as the device name of your Vibe.


  5. If you don’t want to reset the cast hotspot, please skip this step. You can enter the Settings -> Vibe Cast -> Cast Hotspot directory to set up. You can modify the hotspot name, security, password, and band.


  6. Find the WiFi name provided by Vibe on the device that you want to cast and connect. If you forget the WiFi name or password, you can open the Vibe cast guide to see the WiFi information.

Note: In order to ensure the performance of the screencast, the maximum connection support is 5 devices. If you cannot connect, please first disconnect an existing device then try again