How to Collect Logs for EShare Troubleshooting

Tips for collecting all the relevant logs for EShare issue troubleshooting.

  1. Send system feedback with a log to us. Click the “^” icon on the bottom right of your Vibe's task bar. Select “Feedback”. Don't forget to input your email when sending the log.

  2. Get system logs on Vibe. To access your Vibe's internal storage, open the "Explorer" app →  Internal Files →  Android → data →  com.ecloud.eairplay →  files → Log. From here, you can send the log to us.

  3. Get system logs on PC. This works for both Window OS and Mac OS. If you're using EShare client on PC, you can get the logs by:

    ① Clicking the blank region of the EShare client 10x times continuously.

    ② The file explorer/finder will be opened automatically and targeted to the EShareClient log folder. You can find the log files here, zip these files, and send them to us.