How do software updates work?

Vibe releases software updates every 3-4 weeks OTA

Vibe's product team works to release new features as fast as possible - new releases happen approximately every 3-4 weeks and they are provided over the air (OTA). 

When a new release happens, the next time you turn on your Vibe board, you will see a popup window titled "System Update" that will ask if you are ready to do the update. 

Customers have the option to decide if they want to 1) "Upgrade Now" to the latest version or 2) you can dismiss this window and do the update later if you are busy - simply select "Remind Me Tomorrow". 

Once you start the system update, the process takes about 5-10 minutes to download the new version. Vibe will need to restart, and then you will have access to all the latest features! 


System Update Popup

Vibe customers that have opted in to receive emails will also get an email from our team that summarizes all the new features and has links to latest help articles for new features.

You can review all of Vibe's latest release notes in the What's New section of our Help Center

If you want to check if you are on the latest version of Vibe, simply go to Settings > System Update > Check for updates and the system will tell you if you are on the latest version of Vibe. 


What about the Vibe web app and iPad app?

Updates to the Vibe web app and iPad app are sometimes available sooner than the official software release for the Vibe board. Simply refresh your screen to get the latest update.

Do you have a roadmap of upcoming features?

At this time, Vibe does not publish a publicly available roadmap but we are always happy to discuss our roadmap with both our existing customers and potential customers.

Please reach out to us if you have any specific questions or ideas on features you'd like to see us build next!