Installing a camera on Vibe Board 55V1"

Installing a camera on Vibe Board 55" is as easy. No driver or software setup is needed.

Installing a USB camera on Vibe is very easy. You just need to plug in the camera into the USB 2.0 port (located in the back of the Vibe board), and then open your favorite video conference app.

Required hardware Vibe Board 55V1"

We recommend this setup for teaching, training and presentations where you want your audience to see the presenter + content on Vibe at the same time.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • USB 2.0 typically has a better audio connection, so we recommend using the USB 2.0 port over USB 3.0 for your webcam.

  • If your video conferencing software does not show a video preview, first make sure the camera is turned on in the software. If that does not work, restart Vibe with the camera attached.
    • You can restart Vibe by pressing and holding the Reset/ standby button on the back of the device (lower left corner - see diagram below).
      Back of Vibe diagram
  • Consider quality: Sometimes a lower-quality webcam will have an echo when using the microphone. 
  • Consider size: Small cameras such as the Logitech BRIO can be easily clipped on the top of the board. Bigger cameras may need mounting accessories, such as this one.