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How to use Google Meet on Vibe?

1. First of all, please turn on the Google Play switch in Settings > Experimental. 



2. Sign into the Google Play Store with your personal Google account. Follow the instructions on the screen and you should be ready to go in minutes. 

For G suite account, please follow this article to access Google Play Store.


2020-07-08 093603 +0000


3. Search' Google Meet', install the app, and open it.


2020-07-08 085954 +0000

4. Now, you can start a call with your team.

2020-08-03 133532 +0000

Note: If you have a camera attached to Vibe, once you start sharing your screen with Google Meet, the camera will turn off. We recommend this setup for teaching, training and presentations where you want your audience to see the presenter + content on Vibe at the same time.

Note: Google Meet does not support split-screen mode on Vibe, only full screen at this time.