How to increase HDMI screencasting speed

If you're experiencing lag or delay when screencasting via HDMI, here is a proven solution.

- connect your PC to the Vibe board via HDMI
- make sure no touchback cable is connected

  1. Connect your device to the Vibe board via an HDMI cable and enter the HDMI view. (If you have questions about using HDMI, please refer to this help article: How to use HDMI with Vibe?)
  2. A toggle switch will appear in the top-right corner. You can click on the '?' icon to see more details:
    HDMI 1
  3. You can switch between two different modes. To enable annotation, tap on the pen icon and choose as follows:
    Annotation on
  4. Similarly, you can disable annotation to boost your HDMI transmission speed. Disabling annotation will provide a more stable and smoother screencasting experience. 
    Annotation off
  5. The toggle switch will dismiss automatically after 5 seconds of inactivity. Tap on the screen bring it up again.