How to manage your Vibe Board 55" remotely

This new feature is available to customers who want to participate in beta testing.

Requires Vibe Board 55" hardware

Our new Fleet Management feature allows system administrators to securely and remotely configure enrolled devices. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Creating your first Vibe workspace

  1. Go to Vibe's admin portal from your laptop. Sign in or sign up with your email.
    image (2)
  2. Next, you'll be prompt to create a new workspace for your team. Enter a name for your company or team, and click on "Next". 
    image (3)
  3. Now you've entered the admin portal. From here, you can remotely enroll and manage your Vibe devices.
    Admin console


Enroll Your Device

To remotely manage your Vibe devices, you first need to enroll your devices in the admin portal.

  1. In the admin portal, click the Device Management tab from the sidebar. All of your enrolled devices are listed here.
    device management
  2. Get a 6-digit pin code for device enrollment.
    Note: If you already have a list of devices, select Add Device on the bottom of the page to get a 6-digit pin code.
    add device-2
  3. On the Vibe board, go to Settings → About Vibe → Device Enrollment. Click Enroll by Pin Code and you’ll see an Enter Pin Code dialog box.
    Enroll - Board
  4. Enter your 6-digit pin code, click Enroll, then select Continue Enrollment to request an enrollment.
  5. In the customer portal, you will see a new device listed with two buttons: Approve or Ignore.
  6. Click Approve to enroll the device in your customer portal.

Manage Your Device

In the customer portal, select the device you want to control. A sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen showing the basic information and configurations of this device.

  1. Advanced Settings allows you to change the screen saver, set a screen lock, manage your apps and End Session Settings, and enable device administration for your Vibe.
  2. About Device shows the basic information about your Vibe. You can modify your device name or location and perform a system update from here.
  3. Remove Device allows you to delete an enrolled device from the device list.

Policy allows you to set rules for all of your Vibe devices.  It's only applicable on Vibe Board Pro 75″.