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How to print pages and boards on Vibe


There are two different 3rd party apps that each help you easily print out the Vibe board:  NokoPrint, and PrinterShare

They basically have the same working process, so we’ll use 'NokoPrint' as an example to show how to directly print from your Vibe board.

NokoPrint Instructions

1. Find the apps in the app store and install them.


2. After you have installed the app, go to the whiteboard that you want to print out. Click 'Share' button, and choose the printer app.


 3. When you get into the app, click the printer icon at the bottom.


4. Select the printer that you want to use.

Note: Make sure your Vibe board is linked to the same WI-FI as your printer.


5. It will show a pop, asking you to download and install docs rendering library, please click on 'Continue' to install.



6. After installing successfully, you can click 'PRINT' at the right bottom corner, set up the printer settings as you want, and send it to the printer.



7. Then you can go to pick up your printed paper!



You can use 'NokoPrint' for free, but it will include advertisements. The ad free version is  $7. 

'Printershare' is  $7, and is ad free.