How to recover a Canvas from the Trash

If you accidentally deleted a Canvas, you can still recover it within 30 days.

Steps for recovering a Canvas that was deleted

  1. From your Vibe account, go to All Canvases, and then select "Trash" from the filter drop down menu.

  2. In the Trash can, you will see Canvases that you have deleted and days remaining before they are permanently deleted. To recover a Canvas, go to Manage (top right corner) and then select the Canvas or Canvases you want to restore, and then select the blue arrow in the top right corner and then select "Recover". 

Notes and helpful information:

If you are not the original owner of a Canvas and you move the Canvas to the trash can, you cannot delete the Canvas, but it will remove your access.

  • If you need access back, please contact the original owner and request access.

The orignal owner/ creator of a Canvas is the only user that has the ability to permanently delete a Canvas.


Why does my Canvas still say "View Only"?

If you still see View Only at the top of your Canvas, it is likely that you didn't follow the recover instructions - please go back to the Trash can and follow the steps above to Manage > Select Canvas > Recover and then you will see your Canvas restored in the "All Canvases" section.