Creating & signing into a Vibe Canvas account

Once you create your Vibe Canvas account you can easily sign in on your Vibe board or other devices.

Grab a computer to register/ create your Vibe Canvas account

To register your account, please go to on your computer (we recommend using the Chrome browser) and choose one of these SSO providers to register your Vibe account. 

For the interest of your privacy and security, Vibe only allows single sign on (SSO) login with Microsoft, Google, Slack or Wechat account.

Sign in page for web app


Signing into your account on your Vibe board

After registration, you can log into your new account from your Vibe board by pressing the icon on the top left corner (it looks like a person's head) which will bring up a sign in option. 

Sign in page on Vibe board

You can sign into your account with the following options:

  1. Enter your email address and press “Continue.”  Vibe will send an email to the address you entered. Use your computer, iPad, or phone to open the confirmation email and confirm your address by selecting the link provided in that email.  (Make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find the email.) Once confirmed, you will now be logged in on your Vibe board! 
  2. Using the Vibe Canvas app on your iPhone, open the QR code scanner feature and scan the QR code to log back into your account. 


See the Video Tutorial: "Logging in & out"