Wireless Screencast Options Vibe Board 55″

There are several options for casting wirelessly from another device onto the Vibe board: EShare, Airplay, Vibe cast, and Chromecast. 

If you are not able to wirelessly cast or if you have guests visiting your offices that aren't on your WiFi network, you can also project content from your computer to Vibe with an HDMI cable. Using an HDMI cable is also recommended when showing videos on Vibe from another device. Please see this article on How to use HDMI with Vibe for more details. 

Caution: In order to successfully screencast, both devices must be on the same WiFi network.

You can check your WiFi network by looking at the casting menu on your home screen, or by going to Settings > Network > WiFi.

  1. EShare

    (This feature will not work on the Vibe Board Pro 75″ and Vibe Board S1 55″)

    We recommend using EShare because it is the only wireless screencast option that has a touchback feature, which means you can control your device from the screen on the Vibe board (other options require you to control it from your 2nd device). This option is also typically more stable.
    You can cast from Mac, Windows, Android, or Ubuntu devices using the EShare app, which can be downloaded for free here.

    Once you download EShare, open the EShare app and if you are on the same WiFi as your Vibe board, it should show up on your list. Hit "Connect" next to the name of the device and then you can "Share Screen" to project your content up to Vibe. 
  2. Airplay:

    If you use Apple products that have Airplay capability, simply use Airplay to connect wirelessly to the Vibe board.  

  3. Vibe Screencast:

    a. Visit vibe.run using Chrome or Firefox.
    b. Once you go to cast.vibe.us, you might be prompted to install the Vibe Cast chrome extension in the app store in order to select your device and connect.


    c. See the detected device list, and find yours to screencast.

    e. If you can’t find the device directly in the list, type your device‘s name then enter to cast.

    f. After you click the cast, you'll see the window where you can choose which screen you want to share.

  4. Chromecast:

    There are a few different ways to use a Chromecast with a PC. All the approaches involve using the Google Chrome web browser.

    By using Chrome, you can either stream content from a single tab, your entire desktop or stream content from a file on your PC. Please follow these steps for instructions:
    1. Open Google Chrome.
    2. Go to More (three vertical dots) > Cast.

    3. Click on Sources to cast either a file, a tab, or your entire screen.

    4. Choose your Vibe board to Chromecast.
    5. Leave Chrome running for the duration of the casting process.

If you are experiencing issues with screencasting due to network security settings, please refer to this Dual Wi-Fi solution or try connecting with HDMI.