(Beta) How to set up one-click video conferencing?

This is a new feature available to customers who would like to participate in beta testing.


  • Using Google Calendar, Zoom for G-Suite, Zoom. 
    • If you don't know how to add Zoom meeting onto Google calendar, please check this video.
  • Will need Google Suite Account Admin and Zoom Admin privilege to setup
  • Will need a Vibe board hardware

Note: If you would like to participate in this early beta access, please fill in this form.

Please check this video for instructions


Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Log into Vibe's web app, open the account profile page and click the "Manage" button to create your first team. After creating a team, you will enter the Customer portal. 

Note: we only support one workspace for this moment.


2020-09-29 123325 +0000


2. Click on the "Apps & Integration" tab in the Customer portal to connect with your Google Calendar.



3. Go to the "Device Management", and click the "Get Pin Code" button to get a 6 digit number for enrollment.



4. Switch to the Vibe board. Go to Settings, click on 'Device Enrollment', then enter the 'Pin Code', and click enroll. Check team info and click 'Continue Enrollment'.




5. Go back to the "Device Management" in the Customer Portal and refresh the page, approve the pending devices.



6. Open Google Calendar to schedule meetings, select device/TV inside the "Rooms" list, and add Zoom meetings using Google Calendar Zoom Add-on.



7. After all the above settings, now you will find your Zoom meeting schedules on the screen saver of the Vibe board. Click the specific meeting to join the meeting.