Turning Off/ Restarting the Vibe screen

The reset/standby button can be used to turn off the screen or restart your Vibe.

The reset/standby button is located on the back of the Vibe board in the lower left corner of the device - please see diagram below:Back of Vibe diagram - circle around reset button
  • Restart: You can restart Vibe by holding the reset/standby button until a menu comes up on the screen, and then select "Restart".
  • Deep Sleep: Hold the reset/ standby button until the menu comes up, and then select "Deep Sleep" - this will turn the display off and it can only be turned back on by pressing the reset button again. 
  • Sleep: You can turn off the display by selecting "Sleep" from the menu, or from pressing the reset/standby button once.
    • To turn the screen back on, simply tap any part of the touch screen.