How to setup Google Workspace on Vibe Board 55"?

Vibe boards currently support using Google services in experimental mode (ex: Google Play Store).

This functionality is currently under beta evaluation.

Please turn on the Google Play switch in Settings > Experimental, if you would like to try this beta feature on Vibe.

For a Personal Google Account

Sign into the Google Play Store with your personal Google account. Follow the instructions on the screen and you should be ready to go in minutes.

Your login will also be valid for all other Google services including Login with Google function.

For a Google Workspace Account

If your organization uses Google Workspace suite of apps, please follow the instructions below to set up your Google Workspace account on Vibe.

Note - If your Google Workspace Account admin is forcing work profiles on Android devices (as he/she would in most cases), you will NOT be able to use "Login with Google" to add your Google Workspace account on Vibe. Please follow the work-around below. 

  1. Go to Google Admin Console, set the "Mobile management" option as Basic instead of Advanced/Custom. There are three ways to set up, each of them will work depending on the situation :
    1.1 Set the universal option as Basic, in which case all the accounts will be affected.

    1.2 Or set the option based on device platform. Since Vibe is based on Android, only Android needs to be set as Basic.
    1.3 Or set the option based on organizational units. In this case it will only affect the accounts in the specified organizational unit. 

  2. Ensure the board has been system upgraded to the latest available version (i.e. Settings -> General -> System Update -> Check Update)

  3. Enable Google Play Store in Settings -> Experimental

  4. On Vibe, go to Settings - Accounts and click “Add account”, then choose “Google”, and follow the instructions to complete the steps

  5. Manage your account, go to the Apps (by the Apps Launcher located at bottom center screen), you will see "Play Store" if it is successfully enabled in Step 3

  6. Press "Play Store" app and click the avatar on right-top corner:

  7. Then click “Manage your Google Account”:

    P.S. Recently,  the avatar icon disappears sometimes, and users can’t find a way to manage their accounts from step 5 to 7 in this article.
    Please kindly follow below workaround to fix it.

    How to fix if avatar icon disappears in Google Play Store

  8. The account management page will be launched, make sure the account displayed is correct. If this page shows “Finish signing in to continue”, it means the sign-in is unfinished. That’s because screen lock is not enabled on the device. Click the “Sign in” button to complete the sign-in process.

  9. Verify it’s you and set up screen lock.

  10. Follow the prompts to set the screen lock:

  11. After screen lock is enabled, close Settings and go back to the account management page. If you still see the “Finish signing in to continue” hint, just click the “Sign in” button again to refresh this page. You may need to click multiple times.
    Once the account is set up successfully, the account management page will  look like the image below:

  12. As a result, Google Play Store, Login with Google function, and other Google Workspace apps are ready to use on Vibe.