How to open a local Vibe Board 55" under offline mode?

With Vibe OS Aragon 2.3.0, Offline mode will need to be expressly enabled so that a user may access Canvas (aka "Boards") saved on the local drive.

If it's your first time to open a local Vibe Board under the offline mode, please follow the instructions below to find your files. After the settings, you can open the local boards directly next time.

  1. Navigate to settings -> Administration (under Privacy), there you will need to set up a passcode if it's first time access this view, once your passcode is set up, you may proceed to Data Privacy and select "Allow both Cloud & Offline Canvas".
  2. With this configuration, you should be able to access the Download folder on the local drive. Go to Board option (top left solid down-pointing arrow), you will see the option "open .vibe"
  3. Navigate to your destination of choice to find your canvas