How to use Vibe within the Microsoft Teams App?

If you are already using Microsoft Teams and Vibe for collaboration, the ability to use Vibe within the Teams app makes it even easier for remote participants to collaborate in real time.

How to get started:

1. Open up Microsoft Teams, go to the App Store, and search ‘Vibe’. 



2. Click 'Add' to install the Vibe app onto Microsoft Teams.



3. Click 'Continue with Microsoft' to Sign in.



4. Now, you can edit and collaborate on Vibe boards just like the experience of using the Vibe Web App - but from within Microsoft Teams. You can draw, design, and annotate on the Vibe canvas. 

When you are done, you can also export the Vibe board as a PDF, and it will be saved to your computer.


2020-07-09 084455 +0000


5. You can also share the board with your team by clicking on the upright 'Share' button, copy the board link and paste it in your chat, so that other participants can see and edit the canvas in real time.


2020-07-09 084744 +0000


6. If you want to switch back to Vibe app, you can click on the three dots button on the left, and you'll find the Vibe app you already installed. Click on that and you can switch back to Vibe board.