How to Setup One-Click Video Conference on the S1 55" Vibe Board

Integrate Google Calendar One-Click Video Conference with Zoom/Google Meet


  • Has S1 55" Vibe smart whiteboard hardware (if you are using a Vibe smart whiteboard 55″, please refer to this article.)
  • If you are using a Vibe smart Whiteboard 75", please refer to this article

Setup One-Click Video Conference on the Vibe S1 55" smart whiteboard

Step 1: Click the settings icon


Step 2: Click the Device tab and click on "Setup One-Click Video Conference"


Step 3: Select your calendar ecosystem, using Google Calendar for this article


Step 4: Then you will be prompted to choose "How will this Vibe be used", you can continue to set up:

→ Personal, Dedicated User
For a personal Vibe board, the user can authorize this Vibe to retrieve and display all of their meetings on the Start screen.

→ Team, Shared Resource

A Google Workspace admin may set up this device so it can be used by any team member to schedule meetings. (This option is appropriate if this Vibe will be used in a shared conference room.)


Step 5: Enter your email address and password to log in. If you choose a Shared resource, please contact your IT department for a login



Step 6: Allow the permissions on this page. If you have issues signing in, please ask your IT department to allow permissions


Step 7: Next, select Google Meet or Zoom and sign in



Step 8: Return to the widget on the home page, your calendar should now show


Schedule a meeting

A Vibe device is recognized as a room on Google Calendar and has the same name as your device name. You can manage your rooms on the Google Admin Console.

To schedule a meeting for your device:

  1. Go to Google Calendar and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Create a new Event and add a Google Meet or Zoom video conference for it. (For Zoom, you may need to sign in for the first time.)
  3. Click Add room or location, then choose your Vibe device as a room/location.
    Schedule meeting on Google Calendar
  4. You will now see the meeting on the home screen of your Vibe. You can click the meeting from the home screen to join.

Tips for Zoom

  • Join
    You can join a Zoom meeting by clicking the Zoom meeting on the home screen. In this case, you're joining the meeting as a guest.
  • Host
    The host of any Zoom meeting is the organizer on Google Calendar who scheduled the meeting.
  • Sign-in
    It is recommended that you sign in to the Zoom app with your Zoom account. Please make sure you use the same Zoom account on Vibe as on your Google Calendar. In this case, you can join and host meetings on Vibe directly.

Tips for Google Meet

  • Sign-in
    First, you need to sign in to Google Meet to start video calls. You can download the Google Meet app from the app store and log in to your account. (Please refer to this article for help setting up Google services.)