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Can we mount Vibe on a wall or use with other stands?


While Vibe offers beautifully designed custom mobile stands (in white or red) with easy installation, Vibe boards are also compatible with many other types of stands or wall mounts if you have different needs or requirements.

When looking for options to go with your Vibe board, please ensure the stand or wall mount can:

  1. Support at least 65 lbs
  2. Is compatible with a 200 x 200 VESA mount 
  3. For wall mounts:
    • The supported screw model is M6, the length depends on the mount but should be between 12-20 mm.
    • Please make sure to get a wall mount that can extend from the wall so you can access the USB/HDMI ports in the back of the board.

There are many TV stand and wall mount options available on Amazon, Best Buy, or directly from Onkron.

Here are a few links to compatible stands we have found in the $130-$265 range as well as an affordable wall mount: