Vibe Scandium 2.6.0 (08/18/21)

Group-2 New Features

On the Vibe Board

  1. Support one-click video conferencing
    Vibe's one-click video conferencing enables you to start a meeting with a single click on your Vibe's home screen. Learn more about setting it up with your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar from our help articles. You could enable/disable this feature in Settings - General - Video Conference.
    new white board
  2. Support regenerating screencasting password
    If you have enabled the password for screencasting, a passcode will be required when mirroring your screen to the Vibe board. You can locate the 6-digit password under Settings - Vibe Cast - Require Password
    Now we support automatically refreshing the password for each screencasting session. Go to Settings - Vibe Cast - Require Password - Regenerate Password on Each Session to turn this feature on/off. 

On Vibe Canvas

  1. New 'Comment' feature 
    Tap on the spot where you would like to leave a comment, type in your words, and press 'Done'. Comments can be attached to any object on the Canvas and then moved around to belong to different objects. Please read this help article for more information.
    comments feature
  2. Add network connection status reminder
    A network connection status indicator has been added to the left upper corner of Canvas. It lets you quickly check your network connection status, and notifies you to stand by when saving is in progress. If your network connection is not stable, an alert will pop up to remind you of unsaved changes.
    network connection status

Group-1 Enhancements 

On Vibe Canvas

  1. New UI on the side panel and bottom bar
    The user interface has been updated on the Canvas left-side panel and bottom status bar. You can now easily navigate backward and forward through your pages with the < > arrow.

Group-3 Bugfix

  1. Fixed an issue where the Poly Studio P15 camera would not connect properly.