Vibe Chlorine 2.2.1 (12/08/20)


  1. More color options for Canvas features
    More color options are supported for Pen, Sticky Notes, and Shapes.
  2. Option to Hide Date & Time
    Now you can click on the date and time in the taskbar to hide it as needed.
  3. Cloud Drives shared files support
    Now you can access the shared files in your Google Drive and OneDrive, and import them into the Vibe board.

  4. Data Privacy settings
    Now you can set your Vibe board to be always stored on the Vibe Cloud, or always stored locally on the device or your designated cloud drives, or allow both under settings.
    Path: Settings → Device Administration → Data Privacy
  5. Hide 'End session' option
    Now you can unselect 'End Session' under 'Privacy' in settings to hide this option in the taskbar to avoid accidentally signing out of all applications.
  6. More options under 'Guest Mode'
    Now you can join a board and follow the collaborator by clicking their avatars without logging into the Vibe Canvas.