Vibe Chlorine 2.2.3 (12/24/20)

Groupenhance  Enhancement

  1. Lasso Resize option 

    Now the Lasso tool can be resized and rotated as needed.
  2. New 'Sign Out' option

      Previously known as 'End Session', this new 'Sign Out' option is now the default setting for signing out. When using this feature it will sign you out of your Vibe account only, without signing out of 3rd party applications. 

      However, if you want to sign out of all third-party applications, simply select the option to erase all data (shown below).

      with checkbox

    1. Rename 'Board' to be 'Canvas'

      In order to more clearly differentiate between Vibe hardware and software, going forward Vibe hardware will be referred to as 'Vibe Board', while Vibe software will be known as 'Vibe Canvas'.

    Tip: Get an overview of all the names of Vibe features → check out the new Navigation Guide for your Vibe Board.


    4. Fix known bugs on Canvas to make it more stable.