Vibe S1 1.0.0(7/8/22)

Group-2 New Features

On the Vibe S1

  1. Power Saving Settings.
    Customize your device’s power saving settings by selecting idle time and idle actions. You can also schedule a specific time for the device to rest. 
  2. [4 Touch] Supports Cast and Touchback.

    The [4 Touch] portal is now up and running. To cast your PC’s screen to a Vibe Smart Whiteboard, connect your PC to the Vibe with a USB-C cable. With touchback, you can now control your PC by touching the Vibe screen.

  3. Enable Kiosk Mode.

    Kiosk mode is now available in the Admin Console. When applied, your device will automatically open the selected app and ensure users stay in that app.

  4. Vibe SmartCam C1 updates.

    C1 now supports HDR mode and gallery mode. Turn your camera on and explore our new AI features!

Group-1 Enhancements 

On the Vibe S1

  1. Miro touchscreen mode

    You can work in Miro with touchscreen mode. Drag the canvas to move around, pinch to zoom, long press and drag to select objects.

Group-3  Bugfix

  1. Fixed an issue that start-screen crashes when connected to an external screen.