Vibe Sulfur 2.1.4 (09/11/20)

Groupenhance  Enhancements 

  • Google apps Installation Instructions

    • Clear instructions have been added for customers who want to install and sign into Google apps and Google Services.

Group 9385

Note: To enable Google Services on Vibe, please follow this article:

How to use Google services on Vibe?

  • Advanced Page Management

    • Now managing many pages within any board is a breeze with our new fullscreen page management experience.

Group 9389

  • Touchback support via HDMI

    • Touchback support via HDMI input sources has been added. To enable this, an additional USB to microUSB cable is required.
    • Please follow this link for detailed instructions. 

Group-3  Bug fix

  • Google Meet crash issue has been fixed.