Latest release - Vibe V1 55"

Chromium 3.0.0 (5/30/22)

Group-2 New Features

On Vibe Canvas

  1. Polished look with new UX
    Canvas keeps the design simple and flat, with all of the most popular tools ready at hand.
  2. Speed up your workflow with your favorite pens
    No more awkwardly toggling between pens during a client presentation. You can save customized pens with your favorite color/weight for peak efficiency.
  3. Access your brand colors in pens
    You can select your favorite pen colors from the color spectrum, or search for a color code and apply it on your pen tools to personalize your Canvas.
  4. Format like a Pro 
    You can use bulleted lists to break up long text, or align text to the left, right, or center of your text box.
  5. Get a head start with onboarding tours
    We’ve added new onboarding tours in Vibe Canvas. Get a quick walkthrough about key tools, functions, and UI elements to quickly get up and running with Vibe.