Get to know the new launch bar for Vibe Board Pro 75″

75 1 This article applies to the Vibe Board Pro 75″


1. To bring up the launch bar on Vibe Pro 75" smart whiteboard, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 

2. With a long press on the launch bar,  you can configure it to auto-hide when opening an app.

3. The launch bar can appear everywhere except on the home screen.

The new launch bar has been designed to be more intuitive and efficient for multitasking. You can now pin your favorite apps to the launch bar and see which apps are running. You can also access the most frequently used features such as App List, Split Screen, Screencast, Annotation, and End Session. Below is an overview of the launch bar with each of its major components listed.

Screenshot 2022-07-20 005651

 Home Screen - Takes you to the home screen where you can open Vibe Canvas, cast your screen, start a meeting, or view the app list.

 Back Button - Navigate backward. This feature offers an easy way to go back to the previously displayed screen while using Vibe Canvas or a third-party app.

 App List - This is where you can download, launch, pin, or uninstall apps.

 Here are three ways you can add apps to the list:

  • Download apps in App Store (Click to see all apps supported in Vibe App Store.)
  • Create shortcuts for online versions of apps (Click to see how to create these shortcuts.)
  • Download apps in Web Store: Go to Chrome Web Store -> select Apps category -> click Add to Chrome, and you will see the downloaded web app in the App List. Note that extensions in Web Store cannot be added to the list. 

 Tap and hold the app icon to pin or uninstall an app. You can also tap and hold to pin/unpin or uninstall an app on the launch bar. 

 Overview - Lists recently accessed activities and tasks. You can navigate through the list and select a task to resume, or you can remove a task from the list by tapping on the close icon at the top right of each task window. This is also where you can launch a split screen for two apps. For how to split your screen, please refer to this tutorial video

Holding Space - This is the place that holds screenshots, screen recordings, annotations, and transferred files, etc. You can tap and hold those files and documents to pin/unpin or remove them from Holding Space.

 Annotation - Tap on this icon to start annotating with the help of the annotation toolbar on the right side of the screen. You can annotate when screencasting wirelessly or using a third-party app. Read Annotation on Vibe to learn more about this feature.

System Tray - System Tray features notifications and alerts from your Vibe Pro 75" smart whiteboard and provides access to system functions like Internet connection and volume level. You can also exit your account or turn off your Vibe Pro 75" smart whiteboard here.

Microphone - Tap this if a input audio is enabled to talk to speak. 

Volume Mixer -  This controls the media that is playing on device. This icon will only show will audio is playing on the device. You can pause/play from this icon. 

Input Method - Allows you to select keyboard languages, Emojis, annotate, and talk to text keyboard functions. 

Sign Out - Tap to sign out of your Vibe account.