Tips for Making Videos with Vibe Board 55"

Here are some FAQs for filming Vibe and creating awesome video content.


Requires Vibe Board 55" hardware 

What sort of lighting is best when creating videos with Vibe? 

Indirect natural light is best when creating videos so you don't have glare on your Vibe screen. 

  • If you have a window in the room, arrange Vibe to be perpendicular to the window so the light doesn't cause glare on the board.
  • You could also try closing the curtains if the natural light in your room is too bright. 
  • Adjust the brightness settings on Vibe - open the menu by selecting ^ in the lower right corner of your Vibe board. 
  • Use a dark background option when filming - you can adjust the background color by going to the whiteboard toolbar and selecting the black or dark background option (located above the + sign on the toolbar).


What cameras/ equipment does Vibe use to create videos?

Feature Friday Videos: 

For the Feature Friday video series, Katie usually uses an iPhone XS Max and a simple tripod stand for iPhones.

In most videos she also uses a RODE lavalier mic that can be attached to the iPhone for better sound. 

In the videos where there is a small camera shot over the Vibe screen content, Katie uses the Polycom Studio camera and uses an HDMI capture card to record the screen content to a computer. 

Demo videos on Vibe website: 

For the demo videos on our website, Vibe used a Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera. 

We have found that it is best to use a manual setting when focusing (the automatic settings can often focus on the wrong thing) and a smaller aperture setting. 


What do you recommend for capturing screen content displayed on Vibe? 

Vibe does not have a built-in recording feature, but you could use a 3rd party application such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or XRecorder (please check out the Vibe App store for the full list of available apps). 

If you need higher quality resolution, another option is to use an HDMI capture card + HDMI cable to connect Vibe's HDMI out port to another computer where you can use recording software to capture the screen recording. 


How to reduce the banding effect on Vibe?

For content creators that use fancy cameras, we recommend using the highest brightness setting on Vibe (60 hz refresh rate). 

  • To adjust the brightness settings, open the menu by selecting ^ in the lower right corner of your Vibe board. 

You could also add stops to the camera lens, but you might need to use an ND filter.

We recommend setting the camera frame-rate to 24 fps video and 1/50 shutter speed (or 30 fps video and 1/60 shutter speed).


How can I reduce glare?

  • Try to avoid direct light on the Vibe screen.
  • Use a softbox to cover your lighting.
  • If you still experience issues, try some anti-glare films such as this one.