Navigation Guide for your Vibe Board 55"

The below diagram provides an overview of the main features of your Vibe Board 55".


Account Information - When signed into your Vibe account, you can select this feature to open up your profile, switch between your Vibe Canvases. This is also where you can create folders and access your templates.

  • When you are not signed in, this icon will look like a diagram of a person and the title will include "(Guest Mode)". To sign into your account, you can tap the guest icon to bring up the log in window.

Name of Canvas - To edit the name of your Vibe Canvas, please tap on the arrow to the right of the name to access the "Rename" feature.

Export Options - Use this arrow shortcut to easily create a new Canvas, join an existing Canvas (with a code), Rename your Canvas, Export to Email, Export to Cloud Drive, or Delete.

Location - By default you will be saving boards automatically to the Vibe Cloud (this setting is required for remote collaboration). 

Participants on Current Canvas - When you share a Canvas with participants and they join you on the same Canvas, you will be able to see their icon. If you click on their icon, you will also be able to "Follow" them until you click on the page again. When Following another participant, you will see their exact view of the Canvas, i.e. the zoom level and page they are on.

Sharing Options - Share the current Canvas via Email, Canvas Code, Link, Apps, or QR Code. Please see How to Save and Share a Canvas for more details. 

Presentation Mode - This feature is for giving presentations when using the Vibe Canvas - when selecting this feature, all the UI will be hidden and your Vibe Canvas will launch in full screen. To bring up the Whiteboard Toolbar and the Page Management options, simply tap the screen. To exit Presentation Mode, click on the Presentation Mode icon again. 

Whiteboard Toolbar - This is where you can switch between different whiteboard features (pen, highlighter, sticky notes, etc.) The Toolbar can also be moved from side to side, or do a long press to move the Toolbar to your desired location. 

Zoom Shortcuts - Even though the Vibe Canvas is infinite, the zoom levels are not. These Zoom Shortcuts will let you quickly select which zoom level you prefer, or use "zoom to fit" to find all of your content quickly. 

Create a New Page - Tap on the plus sign to create a new page. Each Canvas is limited to a maximum of 100 pages. 

Page Management / Current Page Number - The number shows your current page number. Tap on the page number to open the Page Management feature, where you can rearrange pages, delete, duplicate, or add additional pages to your Canvas. 

Back Button - Select this arrow to go back when navigating 3rd party applications (such as Chrome or PowerPoint).

Date & Time Menu - Tap the Date & Time to hide this menu as a calendar icon on the status bar. Tap the calendar icon to make the Date & Time reappear.

If you need to adjust the Date & Time after initial setup, please go to the Control Panel > Settings > General > Date & Time.

App Store - This is where you can download, uninstall, or launch 3rd party applications. Downloaded applications will be arranged in alphabetical order.

Please see our App Store for the current list of supported applications. 

Home Button - Tap the Home Button to bring up your Screen Saver and Casting Guide menu.

Launch Center - The Launch Center is where you can easily switch back and forth between open applications. This is also where you can launch a split screen for 2 applications. 

Control Panel - The Control Panel is where you can find the devices Settings menu, adjust the Volume and Brightness of your Vibe Board, submit a Feedback log, and view Vibe Cast options. 

Log Out/ End Session - Use this feature to log out of your Vibe account or End Session (log out of your account and all 3rd party applications).