Vibe Aluminum 1.3.0 (01/19/2020)

New features released.

New Features

  • Administration: You can set a passcode on Vibe to restrict some settings from unauthorized changes.  It's under Administrator in the Settings menu.
  • Brand new look for Profiles & Channels (or Folders if you are not a Slack user): Shared With Me, Created By Me(previously called My Boards), Trash, Starred are now filters in All Boards.
  • Import Google Documents: (Vibe now supports the import of Google Docs / Sheets / Slides / Drawings and Jamboard files)
  • Shared folders (for non-Slack users only): Try to share a folder with your co-worker and start collaborating on it.
  • Templates: You can create a template and reuse it anytime. We also provide five most wanted templates as public templates.
  • Text editing on Vibe: For the text from Smart tool, you can now edit it right on Vibe just like on the Web app.


  • Refined object manipulation. Now you can copy/paste/cut an object.
  • Stroke size indicator. The color picker now also represents which pen size you are using.
  • Refine PDF exporting. We change the layout of PDF, reduced unnecessary margin and focused more content. You can experience this feature through Share via Email or Share to other apps.

Web app

  • We are working on the Web app to catch up with new features on Vibe devices. Behold.