Vibe Potassium 2.4.0 (03/25/21)

Group-2 New Features

On Vibe Board

  1. Bluetooth support

    Now you can connect a wireless keyboard or speaker through Bluetooth.  For more detailed instructions on connecting your Bluetooth devices with Vibe, please see this article

  2. Local Image/PDF import support

    Now if you click the plus sign '+' in the toolbar, you can import local images or PDFs from the Vibe board or a USB drive. This is supported whether you are online or offline.

On Vibe Board and Vibe Canvas

  1. Multi-objects selection

    You can select multiple objects at one time with your stylus on the Vibe Board or your mouse on the canvas app.

On App Store

  1. IOS App launch
    Our App 'Vibe Canvas' is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Find out more about the app's features, download and enjoy it from here.


Group-1 Enhancements 

  1. 6-digit screen lock password support

    We now support a 6-digit screen lock password. You can set it up in Settings - Private - Screen Lock

  2. Quick sync of Magnets & Lasso

    The quick sync of the magnets and lasso between different devices has been improved to ensure better real-time collaboration.

  3. HDMI 60 Hz input support

    Now we support HD 60 Hz refreshing rate through HDMI input. This improved feature will bring you a more pleasant viewing experience. You'll notice the effortless sync between your laptop and Vibe board. 

Group-3 Other Minor Enhancements & Bugfix

  1. Enhanced Chromecast support
    We upgraded the built-in Chromecast support service. Now, you'll have a more reliable experience screen casting via Chromecast.
  2. Auto End Session now supports guest session on Canvas
    The Auto End Session feature now supports guest session as well. When you enable Auto End Session in Settings - End Session, your guest canvas will also be cleared after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  3. Fixed the HDMI-IN rough audio issue