Are there any other accessories available with Vibe?

Vibe sells optional mobile stands & extra styluses

Vibe accessories: 

Stands: Vibe currently offers sleek mobile stands in red or white for $500 USD. 

Stand imageWhite Vibe Stand


Extra styluses: While Vibe boards come with 2 styluses each, customers can purchase extra styluses (pair of 2 for $15 USD). 

3rd party accessories:

Vibe has 2 USB ports, HDMI in, HDMI out, and an audio port - so Vibe customers sometimes end up purchasing additional accessories from 3rd party sources.

Here is a list of popular options:

  • USB Cameras: Vibe does not have a built-in camera or microphone, but you can attach a USB webcam if you're planning to use Vibe for video conferencing. 
  • Wireless Keyboard: you don't need to use a keyboard, but it can come in handy if you are doing a lot of typing on your board. (A popular workaround when you need to do a lot of typing is to join the same Vibe board from the Vibe web app)
  • HDMI cable: this can be handy to have available in case you have guests visiting your office and they are not on the same WiFi network as the device (a requirement for screencasting), or if you have a computer that does not have wireless casting ability.