(Beta) An overview of Canvas Team Workspace

Canvas Team Workspace allows you and your team members to create shared team folders and collaborate easier than ever. Content within team folders can be automatically synced to all team members.

Team Management

  1. To create a Canvas Team Workspace, the Owner of the workspace first needs to invite team members in the admin portal. Go to Team Management -> Invite and invite your member via email addresses.
  2.  Roles in the workspace:
    The Owner of the team workspace can assign different roles such as Admin, Editor, and Guest to different users. The owner can also remove roles from the team.
    Admin: Your group can manage workspace metadata, manage team members, manage devices and resources.
    Editor: Your group can edit all Vibe Canvases of your workspace.
    Guest: Your group can view the content in the team workspace.

  3. Now, go to Canvas to share resources with your team members!

Please be noted that for the following two cases members will not be added to your team:

  • Users who do not have an existing Vibe account. If you haven't had a chance to already, here are the instructions for new members to set up their Vibe account.
  • Users who have joined another team. In this case, s/he needs to be removed from the original team so that they can be successfully invited.

Canvas Team Workspace

  1. To create shared folders for your team,  click the icon in the upper-right corner, and then go Workspace Folders -> New Folders

    Note: Only canvas within Workspace Folders can be shared with your team members. If you add a Recent new canvas, it would be a canvas under your Private Folders by default. In other words, your team members would not get access to this canvas.

  2. Create a canvas that is shared with all of your team members.
  3. Now, you can share your ideas with your team!
  4.  If you already have some canvases and would like to share those with your team, just click Manage -> Move to (icon). Select canvases that you'd like to publish and choose a workspace folder it would be moved into, and you can see those canvases published in your team workspace.