Presentations with Vibe

There are 4 different options for using PowerPoint presentations with the Vibe board.

The table below explores the pros and cons for each one of these options, depending on your needs or preferences for presenting content: 

Presenting with Vibe


To see a demo of these options, please check out our video on this topic, Presentations with Vibe:



What technology did you use to create the above video?

  1. For this video we used a HDMI capture card, the Elgato HD60 S capture card
  2. The Elgato was then connected to Vibe with an HDMI cable (via the Vibe HDMI out port) and then attached to a Windows computer via USB cord.
  3. The Elgato comes with a video editing software "Game Capture HD" than can also have an input for a separate camera.
  4. For this video, a camera was also attached to the computer (such as the Logitech Meetup or another USB webcam) via a very long USB cord, in order to record from the camera and the Vibe screen capture at the same time. (You can pick this custom setup in the Game Capture software.)
  5. For this video we also attached a Rode Wireless Digital Mic to the Elgato device in order to have a better sound/ mic quality for the video.