How Do I Screencast With Vibe?

Depending on the operating system of your device, you can screencast to Vibe from Airplay, and Vibe's own casting option from a browser.

Note: Please make sure your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Vibe board.


1. For Mac / iOS

If you use Apple products that have Airplay capability, simply use Airplay to connect wirelessly to the Vibe board.  

2. From a Chrome or Firefox Browser

Vibe has our very own screencasting software you can access using either desktop Chrome or Firefox browser:

Once you go to, you may be prompted to install the Vibe Cast Chrome extension. 


After you have successfully installed the Chrome extension, see the detected device list and find yours to screencast.

If you can’t find the device directly in the list, type your device's name then enter to cast.

After you click cast, you'll see a window where you can choose which screen you want to share.