Quick Start Guide

Here is step-by-step guide for setting up your Vibe board and registering your Vibe account.

Setting up the Vibe board 

1. After powering up the Vibe board and seeing the welcome message, please choose the system language.



2. Select your preferred WiFi network and enter the password. 



3. Select your time zone, then click next.



4. Give your Vibe a name. (This will help you find the device when you screencast.)



5. After you finish the setup, go to the homepage and click "Touch to start" to start whiteboarding.


6. You can immediately start using the canvas as a guest, or you can log in or register your Vibe software account (see next section for details). 


How to create a Vibe account


1. Select “ 7-1-1 ” in the upper left, and fill in your email address in the popup window. 7-1


2. A registration email will be sent to your email address.



3. Access your email from another device (computer or tablet). You'll see an email from Vibe where you can click 'Register' and it will direct you to the Vibe web app to complete the registration process.


Group 833


4. Choose how you'd like to create an account.



5. Once you've signed in successfully, you'll see the below screen in the web app and on the Vibe board. You're ready to go!


If you have any trouble getting started, please contact our support team at support@vibe.us

Want to learn more?

For more videos on specific features, please see our video tutorials.