Recommended Camera Setup

We recommend this setup for teaching, training and presentations where you want your audience to see the presenter + content on Vibe at the same time.

Camera Setup

Step 1 - Host the video conference meeting from you computer or laptop. 

  • Hosting from your computer allows you to easily record to your device and use the full features of the video conference web app.
    • For example: Zoom has breakout rooms, polling, and full gallery view on the web app, but not on the mobile app (all of Vibe's 3rd party apps are mobile apps).
  • Using a computer with a keyboard will also make it much easier to respond to chat questions submitted on the video conferencing application.

    Host View

Step 2 - Join the same video conference meeting from the Vibe board as a participant  

  • Note: Do not connect to audio from Vibe if you are already connected to audio from a computer in the same room, or you will get an echo. 

Step 3 - Share your screen

Once you join the same video conference meeting from your Vibe board, share your screen from the video conference app so that any content you are showing on Vibe can be seen up close by remote participants. 

Participants View

(Optional) Step 4 - Connect a webcam to Vibe, but do not connect to audio.

Some Vibe customers that would like to offer a hybrid experience for conference rooms & classrooms also attach a webcam to Vibe so participants can view another angle of the room.

More questions on this topic? Check out this video to see how we use Vibe for demos: