Release Notes

Vibe Magnesium 1.2.0 (11/20/2019)

New Features

  • Dropbox / Google Drive integration
    • enables importing images and PDF files into Vibeboard from Dropbox and Google Drive. (OneDrive integration is coming next release.)
    • The entry point is the + icon on the toolbar. Once connected to your cloud service, just click on or drag&drop(long press) a file to import.
    • unlink cloud services through “Profile - Connect Apps”. 
  • Vibe Cast Configuration 

    • multiple screens: 1 / 2 / 4
    • cast password option*
    • cast notifications* (*AirPlay and EShare only)
  • Send Feedback with logs
    • now you can send feedback with logs, with your permission, so the Dev team can troubleshoot your problem remotely.


    • PDF experience
      • PDF importing status indicator
      • default view contains the whole image
      • PDF files will append the board instead of creating a new board
      • iPad experience (App Store)
        • enable images and PDF drag&drop from iCloud Drive or Photos to Vibe
        • Apple Pencil supported
        • for iPad app or visiting on an iPad, we refined the interaction of Draw / Pan / Zoom: single finger to draw, multiple fingers to pan and zoom
      • Pages limit increases from 30 to 100.
      • Image uploading now has a status indicator and a toast if failed.
      • Trash
        • boards in Trash now has a 30 days countdown and shows the remaining days
      • Fix bugs of end session, iPad gestures, multi-window mode, folders, etc.

      Vibe Sodium 1.1.2 (10/24/2019)

      New Feature

      • Live annotation in HDMI
      • Enable PDF export to selected 3rd party apps
      • Global "End Session" ( logout Vibe and also all other apps)
      • iPad app available (download)
      • Rename Vibe device
      • Option to forget recent logins
      • Personal folders support


      • HDMI continuity when losing internet connection
      • Fast draw experience
      • Fix bugs in canvas background, Wi-Fi connection, display blackouts, and OTA push message

      Vibe Sodium 1.1.1 (09/30/19)

      • Canvas background customization 
      • Basic offline mode
      • Advanced WiFi setting for corporate network
      • HDMI connection fix for new Macbook USB-C connection
      • Flip camera option (horizontal)
      • PDF file import from web app (

      Vibe Sodium 1.1.0 (09/05/19)

      • Home screen replaces screen saver
      • Annotation on apps view
      • Keyboard improvement
      • Scale indicator for canvas 
      • New toast view
      • Tool bar menu for stroke sizes
      • Fix some server issues causing version conflict for saved boards
      • New board name after clone
      Vibe Neon 1.0.2 (08/05/19)
      • Quick setting in multi-window
      • End session short cut (from top bar ...) 
      • Key boards improvement
      • Fix deadlock on sleep and wake up
      • Fix a few issues on PDF export
      • Fix issue with unrecognized smart text
      • Avoid screen saving during screen cast
      • Fix some server issues causing version conflict for saved boards