Customer Guide: How to Save and Share a Board

See the Video Tutorial: Vibe: How to Save and Share a Board


If you’re logged in to the Vibe board, any canvas you are working on will automatically be saved and stored in the “My Boards” section in the menu on the top left.   If you are not logged in, your canvas will not automatically be saved to the cloud. However, you can still share it with others and access it anytime through the sharing method that you used.


To share a board, go to the “Share” button on the top of the canvas.  From here you will see several options for sharing:

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  • Board Code: If you give someone the board code, they can go to our website at on a computer, phone or tablet and join the board using that code. If they want to join your board via their own Vibe board, they can go to the plus sign to the right of the “Share” button on their board and enter your board code there.
  • QR Code: If the person you want to share the board with has the Vibe app downloaded on their phone or tablet, they can scan the QR code shown in this section and instantly have access.
  • Invite: Use this to send an email invitation to collaborate or view a board. Click on “edit” to choose between edit and view only options for specific people. 
  • Copy Link: Click to copy a link to the board. This link can be shared in various ways, but the most common way is to double click and paste it into the chat box during a video conference. (For example, if you have multiple people in a Zoom conference, sharing the link in the chat box can be faster than emailing the board to several individuals.) 
  • Share via Email: Click to send the board via email. A PDF of the board will automatically be included in the email.