Screencasting issues on the Vibe Board Pro 75″

This is a troubleshooting article for certain screencasting issues.

This article applies to the Vibe Board Pro 75″



  • To get a reliable, robust user experience, it is strongly recommended to connect the Vibe Board Pro 75″ using Ethernet and the client device using the 5Ghz Wi-Fi band.
  • The Vibe Board Pro 75″ and the devices for which you want to cast your screen must be on the same network subnet as each other.

1. If you are in an office environment

If you are connected to a corporate network, there might be some settings that prevent Vibe from broadcasting information, especially in the case that it is on a guest network. Please contact your IT team to adjust firewall settings according to the following network requirements for different casting options. 

1.1 Vibe Cast Service ( )


  • UDP 32768~60999

We recommend using dual WiFi to get a better casting experience: turn on the hotspot on Vibe and have the devices for which you want to cast connect to it. You can turn to the next section for more details about how to use dual WIFI.

Note: If it fails to do casting from a Windows PC, check the Windows Defender settings.

1.2 Airplay


  • TCP 7000, 7001, 7100
  • UDP 5353 (mDNS to broadcast Airplay)

Please make sure that mDNS is enabled on the network, access point, and wireless controller if connected.

1.3 Quickshare


  • TCP 11101, 11102, 11103, 11104
  • UDP 11105

2. Using the dual Wi-Fi

If you're having difficulty with wireless screencasts to the Vibe board, this is a proven solution.   You can set up a hotspot that is more stable and provides a smoother experience.

  • Go click the time icon at the bottom right corner of the Vibe screen to bring up the control panel. To turn on the hotspot of your Vibe board, tap on the HotSpot icon.
  • Then tap on the white triangle icon below and you will see the name and password of the hotspot. Here you can also toggle to close the Vibe hotspot.
  • Find the Wi-Fi name provided by Vibe Board Pro 75″ on the device that you want to cast. Make sure your device has connected to the Vibe hotspot before screencasting.

Note: To ensure the performance of the screencast, a maximum of 5 devices is supported. If you cannot connect, please first disconnect an existing device, then try again.