The screen mirroring function doesn't work

This is a troubleshooting article for solving certain screencasting issues.

This article applies to the Vibe V1 55″. (Eshare is not compatible with the 75" pro or the 55" S1)


Before you start

Please check if you are connected to the same network. All casting options require that your device and the Vibe board are connected to the same network.

Troubleshooting steps

1. If you are in an office environment

If you are connected to a corporate network, there might be some settings that prevent Vibe from broadcasting information. This is especially the case when on a guest network. Please contact your IT team to adjust firewall settings according to the attached document.

2. Consider using the dual Wi-Fi option

If you're having difficulty with wireless screencasts to the Vibe board, this is a proven solution. Follow these steps to set up a hotspot which is more stable and provides a smoother experience. 

3. If you are using the EShare app

Check the screen share settings on your Macbook

  1. Go to "Security & Privacy" in Settings, and find "Screen Recording".
  2. Make sure EShare is checked. If not, check the checkbox and allow EShare to record your screen.

Check the EShare settings on your Vibe board

  1. Download the ES File Explorer app from App Store on your Vibe board and launch it.

  2. Grant the ES File Explorer app storage permission. Go to Library → APP, and select "System Apps". Find EShareServer and open it.
  3. Click on the gear icon to check on EShareServer's settings.

    Untitled (1)

    If your EShareServer is activated, it will be shown on the panel. If you do not see that, please email and attach a photo of your settings.


    If you are still experiencing screencasting problems, please submit a support ticket and our customer success team is always ready to help.