Screen Mirroring Using Hotspot

If you're having network difficulty screencasting on the Vibe board, this is a proven solution.

75 1 This article applies to the Vibe Board Pro 75″or Vibe Board S1 55". For Vibe Board 55'', please refer to this article.

For customers with wireless screencasting issues, including:

  • Inability to screencast through the network
  • Unstable wireless screencast 

Connecting via a hotspot will provide a more stable and smoother experience for you to screencast wirelessly.

  1. Tap on the caret on the launch bar at the bottom right of your screen. On the pop-up menu, select "HotSpot".
  2. Tap on the dropdown arrow next to HotSpot and toggle the switch to turn it on. The Network name and Network password will be displayed. Locate the hotspot from your network by the "Network name". Enter the network password to connect your device with Vibe Board HotSpot. 
  3. Next, you can follow these steps to cast your screen to Vibe.