How do I screencast with Vibe?

You can screencast to Vibe from Mac/iOS, Windows, or Android

Depending on the operating system of your device, you can screencast to Vibe from Airplay, EShare, or Vibe's own casting option from a browser.

Note: Please make sure your device is connected to the same wifi network as the Vibe board.


For Mac/iOS:

From your Apple device, use AirPlay and then select the name of your Vibe board from the list of device options.


For Windows:

You can cast from Windows devices using the EShare app


For Android:

You can cast from Android devices using the EShare app.


From a Chrome or Firefox browser:

Vibe has our very own screen-casting software you can access using either Chrome or Firefox browser:


HDMI option:

We also have HDMI IN and HDMI OUT interface. You can use HDMI IN to input your computer screen to Vibe, or use HDMI out to project Vibe's screen to another device (such as a larger screen or to a projector).