Can we screencast with Vibe?


We have given you the ability to screencast your screen from any operating system. Vibe has Apple Airplay, Google ChromeCast, and our very own screen-casting software you can access via

For Apple products, simply select the AirPlay button on the top of your computer, and click on the name of your Vibe board. Same process for any Apple mobile device such as iPads and iPhones.

For Android and windows products, open up Chrome and click the "Cast" button in the top right corner of your application. Then click the "Cast to" down arrow that will give you a drop-down menu with all ChromeCast compatible devices, where the Vibe board with the name you have assigned to it will show up.

We also have HDMI IN/OUT interface, that you could input your computer screen to Vibe, or output Vibe's screen to another device like a projector with HDMI.