Customer Guide: Screenshot/Annotation Feature

See the Video Tutorial: Vibe: Screenshot/Annotation Feature


With the screenshot/annotation feature, you can go online or into any app, write on an image or block of text, and crop and save to the whiteboard.  Customers often use our screenshot/annotation feature to mark up videos, website pages, presentations or spreadsheets in real time. This feature is also very popular to use when screencasting from other devices.


To use this feature, go to the Vibe board and open up an app or start a screencast.

    1. If you have only half the window open, you will see two symbols at the top right of the page. The first symbol is a triangle which will take you back on the page. To the right of the triangle are chevron brackets. Clicking on these brackets will expand or collapse the window. Click on the brackets to expand the window and have access to the screenshot and annotation feature.
    2. With the window fully expanded, you will see four symbols at the top right of the screen: the triangle, the brackets, the pencil, and three horizontal dots.
      • Triangle: Go back to previous page
      • Brackets: Expand or collapse the screen
      • Pencil: Take a screenshot of the page
      • Horizontal dots: Adjust screen brightness and volume
      • Once you’ve clicked on the pencil to take a screenshot, you can crop the image if needed. Use your finger or a stylus to pull in on the notches on the edges of the screenshot area.
      • You can annotate, delete or save a screenshot to the whiteboard. Simply go to the toolbar on the right of the screenshot. From top to bottom, the toolbar allows you to choose an annotation color, delete annotations already made, save the screenshot to the whiteboard, or delete the screenshot entirely.