Customer Guide: Using the Whiteboard

Top to Bottom Toolbar Tutorial

See the Video Tutorial: Vibe: How to Use the Whiteboard


To start writing on the Vibe whiteboard, grab a stylus and go to the toolbar on the right side of the canvas. (Note: The toolbar can be moved to the left side of the canvas using the gray arrow on the top of the toolbar.)


Toolbar Tutorial:

  • Black circle: Click on this and you will see your pen width and color options. Simply select a width and color and start drawing.
  • Pencil: Click on this and you will see various writing tools. The square represents our AI Shape Corrector, which will correct basic shapes you draw such as a circle, square, or arrow. Next to this is the AI Letter Corrector, which will do the same for letters. To the right of the Letter Corrector and in the middle of the row is the laser pointer. If you would like to emphasize something on the board without leaving a mark, this is the best tool to use. Lastly, there is a highlighter and a traditional pen option.
  • Eraser: Click this once and use the stylus to erase something on the board. If you move the stylus slowly, the eraser will be very small and precise. If you erase more quickly, the eraser will get bigger and cover more surface area. Click the eraser icon twice to clear the entire board. 
  • Post-It Note: Click this to create a post-it note. Once a note is created, select your color preference at the top. Click the note again to start writing content and press “Done” to pin it on the board.  To move the post-it note, press and hold with a finger or the stylus and drag. To edit or delete the post-it note, simply click on it with the stylus or a finger.
  • Lasso: Use this to capture any area of content on the board that you want to move or delete. Once circled, content can be moved using a finger or the stylus or deleted by clicking on the trash icon.
  • Whiteboard Background:  Click this to select a board color or background pattern.
  • Plus Sign: Click this to access images or documents in your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Simply select a document or image and it will automatically be imported to the board you are working on.
  • Undo/Redo Arrows:  Click these to go forward or back to previous states of the board.